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Heartmade and Hand Finished in Copenhagen

Place de Bleu is an interior design company located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was established in 2010. Place de Bleu designs within a design frame consisting of 4 key beliefs, which reflects in the design and embodies the brand Place de Bleu:


We are striving to expand the strong danish design tradition with new and original perspectives from across the world. We mix colours, shapes, forms and materials to create carefully crafted and timeless designs that can work in all kinds of settings. Our ambition is to create beautiful high quality products making a positive difference and bringing joy into your daily life.


All our products are exclusively handmade in our design studio in Copenhagen, by skilled craftswomen originating from all over the world, using time- honored traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation. We celebrate the uniqueness in our products and believe in the ’Buy less, buy better’ philosophy. The quality nad craftwomanship invested in each item creates timeless refined objects and a strong sense of authencity.


Our dedication to work with the best materials is combined with a focus on a sustainable production. We collaborate with Danish manufacturer Kvadrat and use their surplus textile production in all our products. This ensures us a premium quality of materials, a reduced impact on the environment and a unique and limited selection of products.


To us good design is about humans. We train and employ immigrant women, giving them the opportunity to support themselves and their families and the freedom to express their individual skills. Some finds passion in colour and shape and others draw deeply from personal experience. Place de Bleu finds passion not in profit but in making a difference. We take responsible principles to heart. Behind every product is a good story to be found.




Each Place de Bleu item offers you that little bit of everyday luxury that you can enjoy with a good conscience and with the knowledge that it’s been made with great care, great craftsmanship and attention to even the smallest detail.

You can find Place de Bleu products in selected shops throughout the world, in our own webshop and in our studio in Copenhagen.

A visit to our workshop displays our manufacturing proces first hand and will lead to an experience of the ambience and the sensibility of our universe.

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